Our Partners

East Ayrshire Council

CCT has partnered with EAC on several projects which together comprised the Catrine Environmental Heritage Project. The Turbines, the CEVIC and the VOES projects would have been impossible without the support of EAC within the CEHP partnership.

Catrine Community Council

Most recently CCT has partnered with CCC to provide twelve days of Christmas events and entertainment under the title of 'Make Catrine sparkle'! These included a lantern parade, Santa's Grotto, Brunch with Santa, a Christmas Fayre at the A.M. Brown and finally a Pantomime at the CEVIC. 

Catrine Action Plan

With the help of EAC 'Vibrant Communities', the CAP steering group conducted a survey to find the most important improvements to the village in the minds of the villagers. Trust members and directors together with CCC members and others have cooperated on several projects which were at the top of the list.

Our Grant Funders

BIG Lottery Fund

The BIG Lottery Fund provided the grant money over 3 years to allow us to run our 'Connecting Generations' project bringing together the old and young in the community to both teach and learn from each other.

Heritage Lottery Fund

HLF provided a major part of the funding which enabled the Trust and East Ayrshire Council to complete the project utilising parts of the ancient water system of Catrine Cotton Works combined with modern technology to generate electricity once again from the Fast flowing River Ayr. They also made possible the building of the CEVIC centre to educate and inform about our village history and environment.

Scottish Land Fund

We recently received confirmation of a Stage One grant from the Scottish Land Fund towards the specialist surveys and feasibility study required as the first step towards saving the A.M. Brown Institute building. This is great news and hopefully will be the beginning of a successful project.

Our Grant Funders (cont)


The Scottish Rural Development Fund contributed hugely to the successful completion of the Turbines renewable energy project and also towards the building of our main HQ at the CEVIC building in Catrine.

The Architectural Heritage Fund

An Architectural Heritage Fund grant of £5000 has secured the amount we needed to proceed with specialist surveys and a full feasibility study and five-year business plan for the A. M. Brown building. 

Action Earth Scotland and Volunteering Matters

A grant from Action Earth via Volunteering Matters enabled us, with local school children,  to plant over 500 spring bulbs around  the Voes Nature Reserve.