The CEVIC is Catrine's Current!

What we do...

We are the educational and visitor experience centre in Catrine. Want to try out energy generation for yourself? Come down to the CEVIC and see how fast you can pedal! See how the village lived when Catrine was one huge and complex cotton machine and Catrine's folk made it all work.

Pensioners Lunches

We also help to link the old and new generations of Catrinites. Young folk in the village help to prepare and serve these special lunches for their grandparents' generation, those who remember the Old Mill and how it used to be.

Looking for work?

As part of our educational mission we offer work experience to folk who are having problems finding their particular niche in the workforce. We are connected to the Job Search database too and can help with resumes and other challenges. Just ask.

Trust Offices

The Trust's main office is housed in what used to be the Catholic Priest's house in front of the CEVIC building at 14 Ballochmyle Street. For directions scroll down to the map on the 'Contact Us' page.

What's coming up?

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Keep up with events

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CEVIC session info 2018 Jan-Feb (pdf)