Our Board of Directors

Jamie Allen (Chair)

Originally from California, Jamie has lived in Catrine since 2008

James Kleboe (Treasurer)

A member of a 'weel kent' family hereabouts, Jimmy has lived in Catrine all his life and knows its history well.

William McKinnon (Director)

Another 'Coturn native', Billy is the Trust expert on all things River Ayr and has a tale or two to tell about the village too!

Gillian Davies (Director)

English by birth, Gillian retired to Catrine in 2006 after spending 25 years working in Southern California. Yes, the weather is a bit different!

Shaun Harkin (Director)

Another village native born and bred, Shaun brings youth and enthusiasm to the board, and a lot of energy!

Cllr Claire Leitch

Claire is the EAC appointed director and is also the Deputy Provost of East Ayrshire and the Children's Champion.